Dr. Diana Saiki

Dr. Jinhee Nam

Department of FCS

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The Beeman Historic Costume Collection Presents
This Special Online Exhibit:

Polished: Reinventing The Suit

One characteristic that makes a garment acceptable is its silhouette. A silhouette is simply the shape a garment gives to its wearer. This shape changes with time and subjectivity. Looking into the past, fashion followers can see how silhouettes have been recycled and used in present years. Since shapes can be recycled, it is feasible that garments can be reused as well. Browse through Part I of this special exhibit and see these silhouette changes through time.

Part II focuses on the 1930s and 40s, which were times when the recycling concept had to be utilized, because of the Great Depression and World War II. People were experiencing shortages in every aspect of their lives. Various campaigns were developed promoting efficient buying and use of materials. Learn about the tips from these campaigns, where people used their creativity to make do with what they already had, while still achieving a fashionable silhouette and classic appearance.

Thank you to Discovery Group, Ball State University, and the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences for supporting this project and to students in FCS 496 Summer 2010 class for developing the website. About this project.